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The Difference Between Soft Bait and Hard Bait For Fishing in Regina

The Difference Between Soft Bait and Hard Bait For Fishing in Regina

Reasons for Using Soft Baits

There are 3 main reasons a person may use soft baits. The first and possibly most important is maneuverability. The second is that they snag less on weed beds and other obstacles. The third reason is that they are more affordable than hard bait. These are all good reasons for buying bait. The favorite of any soft bait is the classic worm. You can buy a pack of plastic worms for a low cost but real worms are an excellent soft bait due to them actually wriggling around on your hook. 



Reasons for Using Hard Bait

There are a lot of reasons for using hard bait but the top three are that they are longer-lasting, they have realistic patterns, and they usually have some sort of rattling to attract fish. Rattling is a plus for Regina fishing because it attracts the fish due to the noise. Some soft baits also have a rattle but it won’t be as attention-grabbing as a hard bait. The realistic patterns are also a great help for tricking fish. 



Downsides to Soft Bait

Although there are many advantages to using soft bait, both soft and hard come with pros and cons. One of the downsides to using soft bait is that they don’t last as long as hard bait due to being a softer material. Many soft baits won’t come with the rattling sound that hard bait can come with so it can be easy for fish to ignore. Another downside is that soft bait is not as realistic appearing as hard bait typically. The most realistic soft bait you can get is real bugs like worms and such.


Downsides to Hard Bait

Soft bait is not alone in having downsides. Hard bait can be tricky for a lot of people. Hard bait may be more attractive and last longer but when it comes to weight, it is a bit heavier than the soft bait making it less maneuverable. Hard bait can also be pretty pricey depending on what you purchase. The last downside is that they can be tricky with snagging underwater. Because they are made of a harder material, it is more difficult for them to move through the water effortlessly.


Figuring Out Which Is Better

Deciding between soft and hard bait can be a difficult task. When it comes down to it, it all depends on your fishing preferences. Both have their benefits as well as downsides and many people are set on the ones they are used to. When you make your decision on the one you prefer, chances are you’ll be using it for all your Regina fishing needs. If you have questions about bait don’t hesitate to contact us.


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