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The Best Online Fishing Store in Calgary For All Your Fishing Needs

If you take fishing as seriously as we do, then you have found the perfect online fishing store in Calgary with Pokey’s Tackle Shop! Our physical fishing store is situated in Regina and you are always welcome but if you don’t feel like driving all the way from Calgary, we now deliver directly to your home.  You are looking for the best fishing store in Calgary? Don’t look any further, our virtual fishing store has everything you need for every type of fishing imaginable!



The Best Fishing Store in Calgary With The Tackle You Need and The Service You Deserve!

We have fishing gear and products adapted to every condition to help you catch the big ones. It does not matter if you are fishing in open water, fly fishing, ice fishing, fishing from the shore, or exploring a river, or even the ocean, we have the perfect product for you in our online fishing store in Calgary. We are proud to be the one-stop fishing store in Calgary where you will find everything you need to have successful fishing trips all year round.


We Are There for Every Type of Fisherman

Whether it is your first experience with fishing in Calgary or if you are an expert fisherman, we have something for you. We have fishing equipment for every need and every budget. It does not matter if you are an angler or a fly fisher, visit our virtual fishing store in Calgary to find exactly what you need. Our team of experts is there to give you tips and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect fishing gear for you! 



The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, Pokey’s Tackle Shop is the perfect place to start looking. Our fast deliveries and discreet packaging make the ideal gift for each and every fisherman. Give us a call or visit our virtual fishing store in Calgary to find the perfect gift.


A n Online Fishing Store with a vast and diverse inventory

Whether you are in our physical location or visiting our virtual fishing store in Calgary, the first thing you will notice is the variety of products we offer. We have a wide range of products and brands to make sure that you find everything you might need for your next angling adventure! With an impressive inventory of reels and rods, both in our physical location and our virtual fishing store in Calgary, your options are limitless. From hooks, lures, liters, and fresh bait to trolling motors and fish finders, you can find all you could want or need in Pokey’s Tackle Shop virtual fishing store in Calgary.

Our Fishing Store News

We have accumulated a lot of knowledge throughout the years and we want to share it with you. Our team of experts will share information with you in the form of a blog at least once a month to be sure that you are always aware of the latest trends. We are dedicated to ensure that you have the best fishing experience and it often starts with getting to know the technique you will use, the locations you will visit or the products that you need.


About Us

Pokey’s Tackle Shop opened in 1986 in Saskatchewan and since then, it has been the go-to fishing store in Canada. The owners Greg and Gord are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and that is why if a product is considered to be the greatest or the latest, we have it. We started small and we have grown into what we are today, the best fishing shop in Calgary and all of Canada. We are focused on helping our fellow fisherman to get the best experience possible out there but, it has to start right here at Pokey’s Tackle Shop, the best fishing store in Calgary.

Our team of experts at Pokey’s Tackle Shop are there to cast you in the right direction, they know what works great in all types of water across Canada. It does not matter if you are fishing for Perch, Bass, Pike, Carp or simply for information, our team is there to help you land your next trophy! Give us a call today or visit our virtual fishing store in Calgary to view all of our products and get more information.


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