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Loki Nets The Original Tangle-less

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THE ORIGINAL TANGLE-LESS™The original coated net—and still the best! No other net on the market performs like the original Tangle-Less. It’s the ultimate catch & release landing net!

• Small mesh netting keeps lures from tangling.

• Super strong coating gives the bag stiffness and more body to prevent tangling.

• Flat bottoms help fish lie flat for easier catch & release.

• Shallow bag means less material to entangle fish.

• Netting is bonded to the hoop to prevent slippage.

• Knotless nylon netting has no points of abrasion to harm gills, fins or slime coat, and absorbs coating better than knotted nets.

• Handle options include sliding low-gloss reinforced fiberglass and sliding or fixed aluminum. F in stock # denotes fiberglass.

• Spook-Stopper black bows.

• Variety of hoop sizes available.

• Stainless steel screws and springs


Model Bow Size Handle Net Depth
TLD68SH 20" X 24" 1" X 30" Round 18"
TLEH18SQ 20" X 24" 39" to 54" 68" Sqaure 18"
TLRF* 22" X 27" 1 1/8" X 36" 24"
TLRFF* 22" X 27" 1 1/4" X 36" 24"

*Double-wall construction at stress points for added stregth

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