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Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel

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Behold the new standard in spinning reels

More power and torque, unbeatable performance, and longer life characterize the new TATULA MQ LT

Zaion V body construction with DAIWA’s original MONOCOQUE (MQ) body concept supports a machine-cut TOUGH DIGIGEAR to provide unmatched crank power and extra strength to the drive gear.

Designed to allow anglers to control fish under any conditions and a smooth and effortless retrieve.

Equipped with a new AIRDRIVE ROTOR to provide rotation with low inertia and extra strength, the reel is equipped with the latest advanced technology and specifications.

Rigid one piece body

  • With support from a full metal MONOCOQUE (MQ) body concept, 23 Tatula MQ has gained extra strength and retrieve power compared to other models in similar sizes.
  • By introducing MONOCOQUE (MQ) construction the internal body space has been increased to allow larger drive gear to be installed. MQ construction also allows the engine plate to replace the need for screws to stabilise the drive gear. MQ concept improves support of the internal parts and adds durability and resistance to intrusion.

Effortless rotation.

  • The Tatula MQ LT also boasts an AIRDRIVE ROTOR engineered to be incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures. Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, itself. The lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin around the reel, making it easier to turn the handle. As mentioned, the screw-less rotor is super light in weight (15% lighter than the Tatula LT rotor) and with a drag inertia point that’s been reduced by 15%.
  • The rotor weight reduction at the front of the reel also improves balance when paired with your favorite spinning rod.

Precise line flow.

  • The Tatula MQ LT features a solid AIRDRIVE BAIL, which further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending, or breaking. The thicker material feels better to the fingers when flipping the bail as well. Other benefits include excellent line entanglement prevention performance and a 31% weight reduction from the standard Tatula LT’s wire bail.

Low friction oscillation.

  • AIRDRIVE SHAFT has a non-contact structure between the mainshaft and the pinion gear.
  • In addition to this, both ends of pinion gear are now supported with bearings to transmit the crank power from the handle to the rotor with a higher level of efficiency. By adding high quality collars to the mainshaft, rotational noise has been reduced significantly.
  • AIRDRIVE SHAFT creates the feel of smooth, quiet rotation and provides anglers with enhanced torque and power.
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