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Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Article number: 1556
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The original lipless crankbait still catches plenty of fish, and here’s why: Cotton Cordell got it right the first time. This legendary lipless crank is easier to work in shallow weeds, rips free of aquatic vegetation and wobbles on the drop. What else can you ask for? The loud rattles and tight shimmy of the Super Spot drives bass and other gamefish wild.


  • Multiple rattles create more noise
  • Buoyant body rides higher in the water column
  • Compact shape casts like a bullet
  • Species: Bass, Walleye, Striper, Redfish, Crappie & Panfish
Model Length Weight Depth  Hooks
C24  2 1/2 in  1/4 oz  Sinker  # 4
C25  3 in  1/2 oz  Sinker  # 4


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