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Northland Rumble B

Article number: 18720
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Inspired by experienced Scandinavian trollers for fisherman who want to catch big fish. The unique swimming lip on this crankbait causes water to flow over the shoulders of the bait eliciting a rocking motion that sets off visual flash along with a steady hunting action. Use medium tackle to feel the swimming action of the bait. Available in three sizes to cover a range of depth from 8′-25′ deep. Trolled at steady speeds, the Rumble B swims with a rolling action ideal for deep, slow moving fish; a fast troll provides a quicker action that is irresistible to active fish. Get ready to rumble!


Length Weight Depth Hooks
5-1/4”' 5/8oz 16-21 ft 3

Its 5.25" length makes this the ideal lure for deep, aggressive predators. Long line freely with hefty tackle or go extra deep with lead core line or via planer boards - this model was built extra strong for hunting the biggest fish and for the biggest water bodies.

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