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Fall free shipping on orders over $99 until September 30th, 2019!


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Mepps Syclops
TEN REFLECTIVE SURFACES Perfect balance... The brilliant flash of genuine silver plating. Hot colors... Polished brass blades... Ten reflective surfaces to attract fish and make them strike... Mepps craftsmanship from its bright eye to its razor sharp hoo
PK Lures PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon
The PK Predator is a panfish killer!

This be used as an open water or ice fishing lure, and can be jigged or casted. The patent pending blade design creates a flash that produces reaction strikes.

Some of the most popular fish species (but not limi
Acme Kamlooper
Casts like a bullet, travels for a country mile - Kamlooper is virtually unaffected by strong winds. The best of the spoon lures, it's perfect for catching gamefish (which gobble 80% of their prey from the bottom or in deeper feeding zones).
Lucky Strike Devil Bait
These Devil Baits Are Made Of Steel That Are Nickel Or Gold Plated And Available In Over 50 Different Finishes.
Len Thompson Dimpled Series
Launched in Spring 2015!
The dimples on the lure reflect light and create noise and extra turbulence when in the water
Features a slow tantalizing wobble perfect for a variety of fishing situations
Exciting new electric colour patterns with a metallic
Len Thompson Original Series
Heavy weighted solid brass spoons featuring traditional and proven colour patterns. High quality components include environmentally friendly and durable paints, stainless steel split rings and Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp Hooks.
Northland Buck-Shot® Flutter Spoon
Product Description

Fast falling spoon
Great for walleyes
UV coating finish
Use a jigging method

A standout for walleyes, pike, trout, perch and crappies, the Buck-Shot® Flutter Spoon’s S-curve design produces an erratic action, h
Northland Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoons
Product Description

• Planet’s hottest minnow imitating jigging spoon
• Molded from metal & features a noisy brass Buck-Shot® Rattle & highly reflective “holographic” Baitfish-Image® body that lures fish from a wide radius
• It thumps, ticks, clicks
Moonshine Lures Casting Spoon

Moonshine Casting Spoons are specially designed to catch a variety of species, including salmon, trout, walleye, striper, pike, and muskie. The coating on these lures is perfect for low-light conditions, as well during the day-time in deep or s
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