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PK Lures PK Ridge Glider

Article number: 14082
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The PK Ridge Glider is a shad profile glide bait that is extremely effective at triggering strikes as it mimics a distressed baitfish while it glides and settles to the bottom.  Cast them or jig them fast allowing them to settle and glide upon retrieval.  The PK Ridge Glider has an oversized rear hook with an added blade (which is easily removeable) for more flash, noise, and vibration which creates a unique swim like action.  

For best results fish with a medium heavy rod along with 10lb nylon braid attached to 15lb fluorocarbon about 2 feet from the lure.

3 sizes

5/16oz (1 7/8" length) with Nickle Blade

5/8oz (2 5/8" length) with rear Gold Blade

1 oz (2 3/4" length) with rear Nickle Blade

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