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PK Lures PK Mini Rattl'r

Article number: 10182
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The PK Mini Rattl'r can be jigged and cast and is a versatile and compact version of the PK Ridge Rattl'r series that includes color options designed by DH Custom Baits. The Mini's weight-forward design creates an erratic circular motion like a wounded baitfish while jigging when ice fishing and a digging action that forces the lure to go deep when cast. This allows for better fishing along weed beds and structures. With the added vibration, loud rattles, and rocking motion, this lure is the perfect rattle bait – the PK Mini Rattl'r will surely trigger the fish to strike!

  • Weight forward design
  • Loud rattle and rocking motion trigger fish to strike
  • Fast dropping
  • Quantity. per Pack: 1
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