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PK Lures PK Metigoshie Rig

Article number: 10224
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The PK Metigoshie Rig is a family of tiny 1/32 oz. tungsten ice fishing spoons designed by PK Lures to catch the most selective panfish. The micro spoon presents a bug-like profile, and the size 20 treble hook makes it perfect for targeting finicky fish. The drop chain on the spoon creates a unique action that mimics baitfish chasing each other, which is particularly appealing to panfish and perch. PK Lures recommends tipping the Metigoshie spoon with your preferred plastic bait or wax worm or hooking a small minnow through the tail to achieve the best results.

  • Micro spoon version of the PK Spoon
  • Unique action that resembles bait chasing bait
  • Bug-like profile
  • Glow eyes
  • Quantity per pack: 1
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