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PK Lures PK Dakota Disc Pro Rig

Article number: 12071
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PK Lures, are continually trying to think outside the box by keeping their products and ideals ahead of fishing industry standards.  The PK Dakota Disc is a revolutionary Live Bait Spinning Rig unlike anything else you have seen.  

The PK Dakota Disc is a round 5/8" plastic disc with a center hole along with 2 beads and a crawler harness, with a rattling float.  This combination pulled with a slip weight or bottom bouncer creates an aggressive side-to-side action.  This unique side to side action increases vibration, flash, and noise, unlike any other spinner rig on the market. 

Fish are simply attracted to the unique design and colors provided in this selection of products.  The PK Dakota Disc was developed in North Dakota which is how it received its name and is a must-have for the avid live bait angler.  The erratic action is something different in a typical walleye spinner rig.

Disc size is 27/32" (Slightly larger than 3/4")



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