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VMC Ned Rig Jig

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Crafted with premium components and an ingenious design, the VMC Ned Rig Jig is the ultimate Ned head for tempting timid bass in tough conditions. Outfitted with a chemically sharpened light wire hook forged from Vanadium steel, the VMC Ned Rig Jig features a hybrid gap design for maximum hooksets, and a hybrid bend for extra strength. It also comes equipped with a unique beveled edge conical keeper that is spaced at an optimal distance from the jig head for superior holding power. Molded with a traditional mushroom style head and 90-degree line-tie, the VMC Ned Rig Jig drags smoothly on bottom and hops over rocks with ease. Next time the bite slows down, pair up the VMC Ned Rig Jig with your choice of finesse worm or creature bait and let the fish come to you.

-1X Strong Fine Wire Hook
-Forged From Vanadium Steel
-Chemically Sharpened Needle Point
-Hybrid Hook Bend & Hybrid Wider Gap
-Optimally Spaced Beveled Edge Conical Keeper
-Traditional Mushroom Head Design


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