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Mustad KVD Elite Round Bend Treble

Article number: 13075
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The KVD 2X extra short shank, round bend hook provides unparalleled strength, hooking and holding capacity. The 1X extra heavy wire treble hook is an excellent replacement hook for plugs, crankbaits and lures. Use it for Bass, Perch, Pike, Walleye, Zander, Sea Trout, Salmon and Stocked Rainbow Trout.

  • 4.3 UltraPoint™ technology
  • Opti-angle Needle Point
  • 1X Extra heavy wire
  • 2X extra short shank
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • Ideal replacement hook
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Nor-Tempered
  • Bronze finish
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