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MTN Man Ice Live Imaging Pole System

Article number: 6261
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The MTN Man Ice Live imaging pole system is engineered to endure the harsh winter climate while providing numerous safe guards to help protect your Live Imaging transducer. The through pole wiring provides a clean solution for the transducer cables as well as offers protection from freezing into the ice. The transducer mounting plate works by utilizing half of the live imaging pole mounting hardware and situates the transducer under the center of the pole making it easier to use the transducers in an 8" hole. The mounting plate also serves as a partial ice break and acts as the first point of contact when pulling out of a partially frozen hole reducing potential damage to live imaging transducers and wiring.

Other key features include:

-Adjustable depth collar

-HDPE Handle and Legs

-Teflon Bushing  for smooth turning operation

-Tension screw to adjust turning resistance

Product compatibility:

-Humminbird Mega Live Imaging


Overall Length: 39"

Extensions available in 18" and 36" for thicker ice conditions as well as summer mount options.

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