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JB Lures Gold Back Weasel

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The JB Weasel Jigging Spoon has been a long time favorite of ice anglers everywhere. Now JB is making this spoon in a “Gold Back” version with genuine 24K Gold plating on the back side of the spoon. Genuine Gold offers a visibility and flash not available in any other finish. Astute anglers know that Genuine Gold plated lures will outfish other products in many situations. The Gold Back Weasel is available in 3 sizes including the new 1/16 oz. model which will be a favorite for perch and crappie anglers.

Throughout the JB Lures and Mission Tackle product lineup; we offer a large amount of Gold Plated lures. This includes the JBStrobe Jig, Vibra-Flash Spinners and Mission Round Head and Short Shank Jigs as well as many ice fishing items including our Gold Back Series of Gem-N-Eyes and Weasels. Genuine 24K Gold is by far the most expensive finish for a lure; so why do we offer so many products that are Gold Plated, when most manufacturers avoid Genuine Gold Plated items because of the cost?

It is simple really, Gold Plated lures catch fish! Astute anglers know that NOTHING offers flash and visibility like Genuine Gold does. A fish can’t eat something it can’t find, and Gold offers a flash and visibility that can’t be duplicated with paint or hologram finishes. Try real Genuine Gold lures this year and see your catch increase!

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