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2B Fishing Genesis Trolling Rod

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The 2B Genesis Series offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. This rod series uses precision engineered materials to create a perfectly balanced and extremely sensitive fishing tool. Rod actions crafted by Gregg & Paul Thorne are matched with durable Army Cork handles, hand wrapped PVD coated stainless steel guides and ultra comfortable reel seats.

Each model in the 2B Genesis Series has been designed to enhance your fishing experience. We incorporate quality craftsmanship and materials that result in enhanced sensitivity and performance.

One of two glass trolling rod models, s well rounded walleye anglers arsenal includes top notch multi-purpose trolling rods for any spread. The 2B-WTR72M-F, a 7’ 2” medium power trolling rod that works as a great all-purpose planer board or flatline rod for all walleye trolling applications. It provides a fast action yet is built with enough backbone to handle planer boards and lead core fish. The 7’ 2” length makes taking planer boards off while being solo a breeze.

Model: 2B-WTR72M-F
Style: Trolling, Walleye
Length: 7′-2″
Power: Medium
Action: Fast
Butt Length: 14″ – 20″
Line Weight: 8 – 14 lb
Lure Weight: 3/8 – 1 1/2 oz
Construction: 1 Piece Glass

One of two carbon walleye trolling rod models, a well rounded walleye anglers arsenal includes top notch multi-purpose trolling rods for any spread. The 2B-WTR86MH-M, a 8’6” telescoping medium-heavy rod, is a great all purpose planer board to flatline rod for all trolling applications. Telescoping features allow it to stow in any rod locker. A beautiful moderate action with enough backbone to handle planer board and lead core fish.

Model: 2B-WTR86MH-M
Style: Trolling, Walleye
Length: 8′-6″
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Moderate
Handle: Telescoping
Butt Length: 14″ – 20″
Line Weight: 12 – 25 lb
Lure Weight: 1/2 – 2 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

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