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Daiwa Emcast Bite & Run Spinning

Article number: 30280
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The EMCAST Bite N’ Run feature allows line to pay off the reel when a gamefish takes a live or natural bait. Once line is paying off the reel, the refined Auto Clutch will put the reel in gear allowing a solid hook set. It is much more controlled than simply opening up the bail, the traditional method used when fishing natural baits with spinning reels. The reel sizes vary from a 2500 Series to a 5000 Series making the versatile reel line suitable for many different applications in many different fisheries.

The reel designs are in the LT Concept of light yet tough. The Carbon Light Body is substantially lighter yet just as strong as traditional materials. To further the concept, the Air Rotor is also lighter yet just as strong. A slick Machined Aluminum Handle is powerful yet comfortable to the hand. When a gamefish is taking a bait offering and the reel is put in gear, the ATD or Advanced Tournament Drag System, utilizing a proprietary grease, allows the smooth payoff of line no matter how long the run. A 5.2 to 1 Gear Ratio shades the reel toward pulling power. If you are looking for an exciting new reel tailored for the live and natural bait fisherman, look to the new EMCAST BR LT to put your presentation at the take.

Model Bearing Gear Ratio

Weight (oz)

Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Drag Max
ECLTBR2500 3BB+1 5.2:1 10.4 6/160 8/110 8/200 10/170 22
ECLTBR3000 3BB+1 5.2:1 10.6 8/160 10/130 8/220 10/185 22
ECLTBR4000-C 3BB+1 5.2:1 11.3 12/160 14/140 10/220 15/185 26.4
ECLTBR5000-C 3BB+1 5.2:1 11.1 14/250 20/160 15/320 20/280 26.4
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