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Carp Spirit Dynamite Baits Boilies

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Red Robin

• Made using one of the greatest carp attractors of all time, Haith’s Robin Red®
• Birdfood and fishmeal base mix
• Firm Texture
• Dark red in colour and full of fish attracting flavours

Mulberry Plum

• A highly attractive bird food base mix boilie for all Mulberry fans
• Instantly recognisable sweet mulberry and plum flavour
• Lovely subtle deep coloured boilie
• Excellent all year round boilie that works hard during the colder months

Hot Fish & GLM

• A unique fishmeal boilie made with GLM, Tuna meal, Haith’s Red® Factor and infused with a blend of natural spices, and garlic powder
• A firm texture and dark natural colour
• Strong spicy fish aroma
• Extensively tried and tested recipe developed with long standing big fish angler and former world record holder - Emir Caro 147 15mm

Sweet Tiger Corn

• Based on the unique Sweet Tiger Liquid
• Sweet Tiger packed with corn - a devastating natural ingredient
• Boosted with Sweet Tiger syrup and CSL for extra attraction
• Firm textured boilie avoids nuisance fish

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