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Power Pro Depth Hunter Line

Article number: 4043
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Do you ever wonder how deep your bait is, or how far behind your boat you are trolling your favorite lure, or even how far than explosive cast went? Well wonder no more! Introducing a new metered-line called Depth-Hunter from PowerPro. 

There are 4-colors (Blue/Yellow/Green/Orange), with 25 feet of color per segment that repeats every 100 feet. There is also a black tic marking every 5 feet for accurate and instant depth measurement. This allows you to present your lure in the strike zone easily, accurately and repeatedly. This is only available from PowerPro.

Tip: If you ever need depth/casting distance on your reel, spool up with Depth Hunter because it casts and performs just like regular PowerPro and this way you have it on your reel when you need it - also segmented line will appear to break up (camouflage) in water.


Item Number Model  Line Colour Line Spool Length (M) Line Strength (KG) Line Pound Test (LB) Line Diameter (MM) Line Spool Length (YD)
PowerPro Braided Line Depth Hunter 20lb, 500ft/167y
4 Colour 153 9 20 0.23 167
21100300167J PowerPro Braided Line Depth Hunter 30lb, 500ft/167yd 4 Colour 153 14 30 0.28 167
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