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Northland Butterfly Blade Rig

Article number: 17101
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Product Description

  • Made from polycarbonate
  • 60 inch snell/leader length
  • Features two size blades (size #1 7/8in, size #2 1 3/8in)
  • Allows for slow trolling down to .25mph
  • Great for deep or shallow weed lines
  • Provides maximum flash and sonic vibration
  • Features a premium Needle-Point Hook


Catches walleyes and jumbo perch. Lightweight blade spins, flashes and generates sonic vibrations at extremely slow speeds. Single-hook design is great for slow-trolling minnows in cool water temperatures, but the versatile rig is equally deadly at a wide range of speeds throughout the season with leeches, crawlers and soft plastics.

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