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Spring 2020 Featured Fishing Products in Regina

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Spring 2020 Featured Fishing Products in Regina


Spring Time Fishing

Ice fishing season has come to an end and we’re getting ready to hit the open water this Spring. With each new year comes some incredible new products to help you catch the next big fish, so Pokey’s Tackle Shop has put together a list of some new featured products that have just arrived for 2020.



Northland Butterfly Blades

One of Northlands most popular pieces of terminal tackle throughout the years has been their Butterfly Blades. The Butterfly Blades are deadly on walleyes and jumbo perch when fished with a variety of harnesses and slow death-style rigs. Light and able to spin at super-slow speeds, Butterfly Blades are lethal for slow-trolling minnows in cold water, but they also excel at a wide range of speeds throughout the season with leeches, nightcrawlers, and soft plastics.

They are made from polycarbonate, feature two sizes of blades - Size 1 (7/8 inch) & Size 2 (1 3/8 inch), allow for slow trolling down to .25mph, are great for deep or shallow weed lines, and provides maximum flash and sonic vibration.

This year, Northland has released some incredible new colours to add to your collection including:

  • Blue Shiner
  • Clown
  • Electric Perch
  • Golden Craw
  • Golden Perch
  • Metallic Chartreuse
  • Metallic Orange
  • Orange Craw
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Parrot Tiger
  • Purple Tiger
  • Wonderbread

Northland Wingnut Butterfly Harness

The Wingnut Butterfly Harness single, reverse-cupped blade sports a slight twist, allowing it to both turn, but also push more water. The blade spins in a more open fashion, less tight than the original Butterfly Bladebut with a distinct tremble when trolled. The effect is similar to that of a crankbait, but with far more enticement. Provided in a single hook rig, crawler harness, as well as a Super Death® offering, the Wingnut Harness offers anglers vibration, spin, and flash, all while giving them the choice of how to enhance with minnows, crawlers or leeches.


Available in 12 colours, size #2 blade, 60" leader with 15 pound test line (mono).


Northland Butterfly Blade Super Death Rigs

Deadly on walleyes and jumbo perch. Imparts an erratic, spiraling action when rigged with a live nightcrawler or soft plastic bait like the IMPULSE®® Nightcrawler. Troll at a variety of speeds behind a Rock-Runner® or Slick-Stick® bottom bouncer. Excels for covering water in search of fish, bridging the gap between live-bait rigs and crankbaits. 

The Northland Butterfly Blade Super Death Rigs are made from polycarbonate, 60 inch snell/leader length, features two size blades – Size 1 (7/8 inch) & Size 2 (1 3/8 inch), allow for slow trolling down to .25mph, are great for deep or shallow weed lines, provides maximum flash and sonic vibration, and features premium Super Death Hook.

Bandit – Generator Crank Bait

Bandit Lures has come out with an exciting new crank bait for 2020. The Bandit Generator features two glow stick insertion points that allow the body to illuminate and glow. This added light source calls out to gamefish from extraordinary distances, creating irresistible flash and glow that triggers massive strikes.

The Bandit Generator is available in 4 colours including Candy Slush, Red 1, Spill, and Traffic Light.

These are only a few of the new products that are sure help you land that trophy walleye early in the 2020 season. Check out these products and many more for sale at www.pokeystackle.ca.

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