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Fishing in Saskatchewan, a great way to explore the province

Fishing in Saskatchewan, a great way to explore the province

What is Angling

For those who don’t know what Angling is, it is pretty simple! Angling is the method of fishing that uses a fish hook. The hook is attached to a fishing line and the line is then attached to the rod. Our modern fishing gear is also fitted with a fishing reel that stores and retrieves the line. Once you have that basic setup, going fishing in Saskatchewan will be so much easier. You will then need bait, a lure a bite indicator, some weights and maybe even a sinker but don’t worry about it, we have everything you need right here at Pokey's Tackle Shop


Who is Using Angling Fishing?

Angling fishing is the main way of fishing for sport fishing but it’s also used in some commercial fishing operations. Catch and release fishing is being practiced more and more by sports fishermen. The species of fish pursued by anglers vary with geography, in Saskatchewan people usually fish for those species: bass, pike, walleye, muskellunge, yellow perch, and trout.


Where can you go fishing in Saskatchewan

Angling fishing is practiced all across Saskatchewan which gives Saskatchewan fisherman great fishing opportunities. You can find different maps online to show you where to go fishing but we like to use this one since it is pretty complete and very helpful. 

Click here for Map




Wherever you want to go fishing, come by Pokey’s Tackle shop for all your fishing gear needs or even for some tips! We are always happy to talk about fishing in Saskatchewan with either experimented fisherman or with newcomers. Fishing is a beautiful thing and we want to share it with everyone. 


Purchase a Licence

It is always important to carry your fishing license when you go fishing in Saskatchewan. To get a license, it’s pretty easy, you can go online, call 1-855-848-4773 (8 a.m. to 9 p.m.), go directly at the Ministry of Environment offices or even in some selected provincial parks. Having your license and following the fishing regulations is of the utmost importance and will allow you to fish for years to come.  



Contact us

If you need some fishing gear in Saskatchewan, everyone knows the place to go to is Pokey’s Tackle Shop! Either online or in our store, don’t hesitate to ask us any fishing related questions. Write us an email, give us a phone call or come and see us at 1001 Osler St, in Regina.  

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