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Bait Button Bait Buttons Dispenser

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Bait Buttons – Refillable Dispenser & Buttons

Bait Buttons are a simple, safe and effective way of securing a stinger hook, maximizing hook exposure when fishing soft plastics or locking a soft plastic in place on a worm hook or Snake Head jighead. The Bait Buttons dispenser comes complete with 100 Bait Buttons and refill packs of 100 Bait Buttons are also available.

Simply shake a bait button into the ‘loading zone’ of the dispenser, lay your hook against the ‘V’ shaped guide, pierce it through the centre of the Bait Button and then slide it into place. No more cutting up random materials or stabbing holes in your fingers in an attempt to get them onto the hook. Quick, simple, painless and you get to spend more time fishing and less time rigging and re-rigging!

Add a bait button to your spinnerbait hook, slide on your stinger hook and then add another Bait Button, use a Bait Button to keep your soft plastic in place for maximum hook exposure, or use the Bait Button under the chin of your plastic when using a worm hook to stop it sliding down. Bait Buttons – because presentation matters.

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