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Bait Button Bait Buttons Big Game Dispenser

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Bait Buttons - Big Game

Bait Buttons are now available in a larger size, called Bait Buttons Big Game. This larger model is suitable for hook sizes up to 10/0 and is ideal for securing a stinger on spinnerbaits, ensuring hook exposure on a jighead rigged plastic or when locking a plastic in place when weedless rigging on a TT Lures SWS or Snake Head jighead.

The Big Game dispenser pack includes a dispenser unit, for easy application of the Bait Button without any finger piercings, along with 25 Big Game Bait Buttons. Refill packs of 25 Big Game Bait Buttons are also available. This is one of those simple solutions that you will wish you had in your kit years ago. Secure your stinger hooks, present your plastics better and spend less time re-rigging and more time fishing!

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