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Northland Tungsten Punch Jig

Article number: 17944
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Product Description

The Tungsten Punch™ Jig offers a sleek design and an increased weight-to-size ratio.  By tweaking the head design however, Northland was able to achieve a fall rate 20% faster than traditional tungsten. Faster fall rate means quick-to-the-fish, intense action when paired with plastics or live bait, and a new way to fish smaller jigs deeper.  Especially for crappies, perch, or bluegills over deep basins, anglers can now match sizes of common zooplankton forage without having to wait minutes to drop to the fish. A premium wide-gap hook ensures you don’t just get to the fish fast, but you hook them just as quickly.  It also provides ample room for rigging large plastics, and keeps bait of any kind away from the business end of the hook, resulting in improved hook-sets. Each pack contains two (2) Tungsten Punch™ Jig’s per card.

  • Tungsten bead head
  • Falls 20% faster than other tungsten bead heads
  • Wide gap hook for ultimate hooking percentage
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