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Fall free shipping on orders over $99 until October 31st, 2019

Eskimo P1 Rocket 8" 40cc Propane Auger

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Welcome to the new generation of high-compression, propane-powered ice augers. As the innovators of the first ice auger engine designed specifically to harness the full potential of propane, we had a great platform to build from. We paired our high-compression engine with a new high-speed, all-metal transmission to achieve faster revolutions. The new Rocket Auger features a cast bottom resulting in smoother cutting and breakthrough. At only 26 lbs, the P1 is the lightest 8” propane power auger on the market.

  • Rocket™ Auger

Features cast bottom for smoother cutting and breakthroughs.

  • Redesigned Powerhead

New aluminum handlebars help shield the redesigned engine. Foam grips absorb vibration for increased comfort.

  • High-Compression 40cc Viper® 4-Cycle Engine

More than enough power to turn either an 8” or 10” auger with minimal weight added to the unit.

  • High-Speed, All-Metal Transmission

Streamlined transmission that increases spinning speed by 45% over similar-sized augers.

  • Blade Protector

Extends the life of your blades (included).

  • Mitten-Grip Recoil

Allows you to start the engine with gloves or mittens.

  • Quick-Release Bottle Holder

Holds readily available 1lb. propane cylinders.

  • No Prime Fuel System

No more need to prime the engine before startup, just open the valve and begin drilling.

  • Low Maintenance

No gummed up carburetors. Propane runs clean, with minimal emissions.

  • Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty

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