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Catch-Cover Original Round Cover

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The Original and #1 selling fish house hole cover on the market.

Original Round Catch Covers are the most popular choice for new fish house construction. They keep snow, dirt, and road salt out of your fish house when traveling over the roughest roads. They also keep out rodents in the summertime. The double-point handle folds down flush and is easy to grab with gloved hands and doesn't twist out. Original Catch Covers are injection molded out of the proper cold weather plastics that won't crack or warp - no matter how cold it gets.

Original Catch Covers give you a professional, finished look, and the flange extends down to protect in-floor insulation. These covers are designed to be driven over with an ATV and snapped back into place by stepping on them. 12" hole opening. Rough floor cut 12 3/4" diameter.

Builder's Tip: Secure Catch Cover rings to the floor using 2" exterior deck screws or galvanized drywall screws. Don't to over-tighten the screws. 

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