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Lunker Hunt Knocking Jig

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Open the door to great catches with the Lunkerhunt® Knocking Jig. This unique sound-driven vertical jigging spoon gives you a secret weapon for those days when nothing else will work. It's a jig in 2 connected parts – a top and bottom section that separate on the pull then snap back together with a clacking sound that attracts fish to move in and investigate. Made with zinc, the Lunkerhunt Knocking Jig makes its own distinctive sound, proven to trigger strikes. Brilliant finishes; fitted with a quality treble hook.

  • Sound-driven vertical jigging spoon
  • 2-part design with connected top and bottom sections
  • Body sections separate on the pull, then snap back
  • Produces a distinctive clacking sound
  • Proven to trigger strikes
  • Fitted with a quality treble hook
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