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Lunker Hunt Hatch Natural

Article number: 15883
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The Lunkerhunt Hatch Natural™ features a new technology that brings lead to life. The Hatch Natural is 2 inches in length and weighs 15/16 oz. It has a shad profile that simply catches fish.

The Hatch Natural is a fast sinking bait that excels in heavy current, deep water, when fish are suspended and when long casts are required. The Hatch Natural has a subtle swimming action and an equally subtle presentation that generate strikes. When they do, two sticky strong treble hooks will help you land the fish.

  • Weight: 15/16 oz
  • Length: 2in
  • Ultra realism
  • Shad profile
  • Fast sinking
  • High quality hooks
  • Proven fish catching design
  • Double treble
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