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13 Fishing Archangel Ice Rod

Article number: 30366
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13 Fishing Archangel Ice Spinning Rod

You flat-out won't believe the sensitivity in this rod! The sleek 13 Fishing Archangel Ice Spinning Rod looks like something from outer space, and considering the advanced technology used to craft it, perhaps it's true. The Evolve Carbon Forging process combines custom CNC molds with direct heat and pressure to form this all-in-one monococque rod with a seamlessly integrated handle. With the blank and handle being one continuous unit, vibration transmission just went through the roof! And just as amazing, the blank ends in a high-vis flat tip that provides visual indications, almost like a spring bobber would; how many more fish will be coming through the hole with an Archangel Ice Rod? Topped with super-premium ALPS Double Diamond coated guides; innovative Fox Hole hook keeper for quick deployment.

  • Made with revolutionary Evolve Carbon Forging process
  • Sleek monococque rod with seamlessly integrated handle
  • Unprecedented vibration transmission
  • High-vis flat tip provides visual sensitivity
  • ALPS Double Diamond coated guides
  • Innovative Fox Hole hook keeper
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